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Diaxion – Your IT Consultancy Company in Sydney and Melbourne

Originally established in 2000 in Sydney, Australia and known as Technical Architecture Solutions (aka TAS), the organic growth of our IT consultancy business saw the expansion of its core capabilities and deliverables beyond its foundation expertise.

As the reputation of TAS grew it was being increasingly sought for broader, more holistic engagements. With the advent of server virtualisation it established itself as a category leader in IT consulting in strategy and optimisation.

As a further reflection of our changing role (and in order to better align the company name with the service offered) the company changed its brand in November 2009 to Diaxion, along with a new tagline to better define our service deliverable: IT Strategy and Optimisation.

The name Diaxion reflects our defined brand essence and is an abstraction of ‘di’ (meaning dual or multiple) and ‘action’ (meaning responsive and agile).

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Our service engagement options

Based on the premise that we want to work with our clients in a partnership, providing assistance on an ongoing basis from the strategy through to delivery and operational phases of the IT lifecycle, we have developed three tiers of service engagement that can be applied across your whole business or differently on any project. All our services can be delivered via:

  1. Fully outsourced deliverable to Diaxion
  2. Diaxion providing consultants to work as a lead specialist as part of your team
  3. Your team delivers the work, Diaxion acts as independent adviser to review, provide ongoing guidance and independent industry expert knowledge as quality assurance

It is through this understanding that all businesses are uniquely different, having different IT infrastructure and support needs and services and therefore very different IT requirements, that Diaxion has established an engagement model to cater for all these business variables.

Our unique approach to IT consulting

Flexible in approach

Diaxion approach every engagement with total flexibility and the customer needs as paramount in order to provide insightful, innovative solutions aligned to your business needs with practical implementation to save money and add value.

Industry recognised excellence

Diaxion people are highly certified and experienced experts renowned and respected within the industry, who approach each project with an open mind and provide holistic strategic thinking with practical implementation skills.

Proven results

Many of Australia’s largest corporates rely on Diaxion to get the job done with highest levels of service, complete and total reliability and quality outcomes.


Diaxion has gained and built a highly regarded reputation based on the provision of vendor neutral advice and recommendations to many clients across many regions. This unbiased and independent advice provides additional and valued confidence for many Diaxion clients.

Unbiased IT advice from our consultants

Our specialist and skilled IT consultants believe this provides them with a certain freedom to fully apply their best thinking and solutions for each and every project.