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How to enable digital transformation with Docker EE

At Diaxion, we’ve recently been looking at Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) and how it enables digital transformation, consolidation and collaboration for IT teams, deployment processes and data centres. There are some great insights and exciting possibilities in the development and operations spaces. Least privilege issues are an age old problem for many business teams and frequently associated with outages. Developers want privileged access to test and deploy, or applications require elevated access in order to function correctly, but this violates least privilege requirements from gover...

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Containerisation with Docker

Diaxion is now a Docker partner and we are gearing up to help our customers understand what Docker is and how it best fits into your organisations capabilities. Docker is a container platform. By now a lot of IT teams have heard about containerisation and are wondering what it means. This is a brief introduction to containerisation and the benefits it can realise for your team. Containerisation is an old concept in computing and has arguably existed since the 1970s when /chroot/ on Unix systems became available. More recently VMware brought their whole-of-machine level virtualisation capabi...

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Discover what’s running across your cloud environments

Before you can automate the configuration and operation of your IT infrastructure at scale, you need to inspect what you’ve got. Incumbent tools might allow you to gather massive amounts of data, but don’t provide meaningful insights or enable you to take direct action to manage your systems. Not having that holistic view makes it difficult to even know what to automate, much less standardize how you do so. Knowing what you have is a critical first step in any automation initiative. ...

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How do you do ‘the business of IT’? Managing IT for business value and not cost

Following on from my business architecture article, I am now taking this a few steps further but also slightly sideways. This time I want to talk about the business management of IT or how to run your IT like a business. I am not just talking about the CIO here, you can run your area of IT like a business if you have the data and defined operating model available. I will discuss the operating model and capabilities in a separate article; otherwise this will turn into a TL;DR(too long, didn’t read). This article is more about the data and financial aspect of managing the business while man...

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Does a purpose built CI/CD application to build and release applications exist?

Puppet has released Pipelines which is a tool to do exactly this. Puppet Pipelines integrates with the most popular CI tools, source control systems, cloud platforms, and ChatOps tools. It gives you full control over and visibility into deployments and the ability to track it in real time. Puppet Pipelines allows you to deploy containerised and traditional applications to your target of choice, whether it’s on-premises or in a private, public, or hybrid cloud. Watch the Puppet Pipelines Webinar Wher...

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DevOps is The New Black!

"DevOps" has been around as a buzzword in tech sector for almost 10 years now. "DevOps Professional", "DevOps Technology", "DevOps Engineer", "DevOps Practices" are few such words that have become ubiquitous with software technology. Wikipedia defines "DevOps" as "a set of practices intended to reduce the time between committing a change to a system and the change being placed into normal production, while ensuring high quality." DevOps is The New Black! My first encounter with "DevOps" was six years ago when I worked for an investment bank and worked as a "release and configurat...

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How Hybrid Cloud Costs Can Spiral Out of Control

If you listened to the analysts 10 years ago, we should by now be consuming all of our IT from the cloud, much like we consume electricity from the grid, with little knowledge or care as to how it is generated or distributed. Things haven’t quite moved at that pace and we are stuck, possibly for many decades to come, at the mid-way point: hybrid cloud. Hybrid cloud, or a computing environment that mixes on-premises infrastructure, with public cloud and SaaS applications, has become the norm that’s replaced or augmented the data centre or the server room. If you’re like most organisations...

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Serverless Computing

The name alone “serverless computing” can generate excitement from Developers, System Administrators and Management. No more servers? Less overheads in managing infrastructure, less operational expenditure, perfect! Let’s start with what IS serverless computing. Serverless computing is the ability to run code or to execute functions using machine level resources without the responsibility of managing the servers that actually execute the code. The servers still exist, but the level of management and associated tasks such as capacity management is hidden from the serverless computing u...

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What is Business Architecture?

Over the last couple of years there has been quite a buzz around business architecture. There are courses on business architecture popping up all over the place. Some good and some not quite as good, like everything! We will be going back to some basics to understand what business architecture is (well my view) and how it can be used, why you need it and what the benefits are of having a business architecture. We will not be going too deep but give you enough to understand and be able to make some decisions, if necessary. The first one being, how can I get a business architecture? Well, ...

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About the Responsible Disclosure

For a while now, many companies and organisations have been trying to find a solution to counter the open bug bounty or to prevent the full disclosure of a security breach publicly. You may have already heard of the concept "Responsible Disclosure" which, takes the concept of “Full Disclosure” except this time, the discovery of the defect leaves time for the publisher to publish a patch. This process does not always run smoothly, as researchers usually want to warn the community of their discovery as quickly as possible and publishers often take a long time to propose a patch. During this ...

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