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Case Studies

Although every challenge is unique, many case studies provide evidence of the agnostic, professional and agile approach provided by Diaxion.

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Mastercard International

Data Centre Relocation As the Lead Project Manager, I was in charge of the re-location of MasterCard International's primary Processing and Disaster Recovery sites. Remotely managing the move from MasterCard's St. Louis headquarters presented many unique risks and challenges. Because of the project's importance to MasterCard's operation I could not afford any mistakes, delays or undue stress. I knew that I needed to work with the very best team to accomplish this project. As Tech...

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IAG – Datacentre VirtualisationIn the News

Diaxion (Technical Architecture Solutions) leads virtualisation project for IAG, Australia and New Zealand's largest insurance group URL : zdnet.com.au Insurance Australia Group (IAG) has cut down its server count by 600 machines over the past 12 months through the implementation of virtualisation software. IAG head of infrastructure Andrew Cresp said the compan...

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ABB Grain Limited

Diaxion Architects a Virtual Data Centre "Diaxion re-architected our Data Centre to deliver a consolidated virtual IT infrastructure with improved hardware independent DR capability, reduced hardware maintenance costs and greater efficiency in utilities and real estate. Diaxion' design, technical capability and implementation skills achieved an on time, on budget engagement with minimal to no disruption using VMWare and PlateSpin to rapidly migrate in-production systems resulting in...

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Customer SuccessPlease download our Case Study for more information.

Diaxion Expertise Filles a Key Role at Chandler Macleod Group Human resources and recruitment firm Chandler Macleod Group called on Diaxion' server and storage virtualisation expertise to help its implement a DR capability based on virtualisation. A year later, the technology has not only enabled DR for the organisation, but also has cut power consumption, enabled its 7TB storage area network revitalised crucial legacy applications, and improved application delivery to its 75 branch of...

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City of West TorrensPlease download our Case Study for more information.

City of West Torrens goes virtually disaster-proof! "Even in normal operation the virtualised environment has paid significant dividends. Payroll, web services and intranet systems are running faster, changing out equipment is significantly quicker, new servers can be brought online in minutes when needed rather than days and having fewer leases will slash server leasing costs by 80 per cent during the next two years."...

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