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Diamond Support

Diamond support provides you with the launching platform to establish a trusted partner relationship with Diaxion. Diamond support is not a replacement for vendor specific support and maintenance, but a support partnership between Diaxion and you, the client, whereby Diaxion commits to maintain consultants who are knowledgeable on your business and environment to assist in the ongoing support and management of your business-critical infrastructure through value added services such as:

  • Regular health checks of your environment to ensure the infrastructure performs optimally to your business needs
  • Access to a pool of highly experienced technical specialists, both during and after normal business hours
  • Patch alerts relevant to your infrastructure
  • Monthly on-site visits to ensure currency with your environment
  • Diaxion maintained site documentation
  • Project overflow, backfill resource pool
  • Mentoring
  • Targeted training and update services
  • On-site and remote backfill of resources

Diaxion understand and recognise that IT infrastructure does not live in isolation, nor do its elements. The purpose of the IT infrastructure is to provide services to the business in a timely and efficient manner, primarily from an availability and performance perspective.

Therefore, IT infrastructure is only as good as the sum of its parts and how those individual parts perform both in isolation and together as a unified infrastructure.

One of the key challenges for any business is the diverse range of technologies that comprise the IT environment. The vendors of these technologies are more often than not located off-shore and their support organisations required to deal with hundreds, if not thousands of different customers, all of which will have deployed an IT infrastructure which is different to the next. Obtaining effective support in a manner that reflects how the infrastructure needs to support an individual customer’s business is a continual challenge for these vendors.