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Pure Storage and the FlashArray//m

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Pure Storage and the FlashArray//m

All-Flash Arrays are currently somewhat out of the spotlight. That however does not stop the market from adopting this technology at a fast pace – especially in comparison to the old-style enterprise storage arrays, whose vendors see declining sales.One of only two start-up companies specialising in all-flash arrays with an Australian presence (the second one is SolidFire) they have been able to build a solid base and are effectively competing with the current market leader. As of 2014 EMC and Pure Storage shared 50% of the all-flash market between them (with 31% and 19% respectively), which is even more impressive when one takes into account that the market leader of 2013 – IBM – is now 3rd and the previous one – Violin Memory – has seen declining sales in the last quarters.Pure Storage recently released their latest offering – the FlashArray//m. Their explanation for the name is threefold: – Mini size – up to 120 TB in 3 RU space (with a dig at one competitor they manage connectivity with six cables) – Modular – various components can be added when required – Mighty Performance – as expected the new array outperforms their previous array by a factor of between 1.5:1 and 3:1 for IOPS, density and power usage For once their marketing department has missed one point, though. Looking at where Pure Storage is now, their presence worldwide, their support offering and the overall perception, the “m” may be well stand for “mature”. While Pure Storage is not leading in all areas, they have consistently been one of the first companies to introduce important features into their products. For the moment at least data reduction features like deduplication, compression and thin provisioning are mandatory with all-flash array to reduce the overall TCO to a competitive level. Pure Storage offers expected features like RAID protection, redundant components, non-disruptive upgrades, encryption and snapshots. For some time replication has also been part of their software with multi-site protection available. Management of the environment is available web-based, which allows to manage a Pure Storage environment locally, from the cloud and possibly even from a smartphone through provided interfaces like REST, SMI-S and SNMP. Pure Storage showed their confidence during the official launch in Sydney by presenting a video showing that they do not take themselves too seriously. After some initial confusion, when they advertised their new array as “dimensionally transcendental” the video presentation escalated further until it was apparent that this was not meant to be taken all literally (available via https://www.youtube.com/watchvideo – the Parody Video introducing FlashArray//m). <!–<div class=”caption_bar”> <div class=”slide_caption”> <div class=”pageheading”><h1><?php /*$title = get_field(“banner_title”); if (!$title) { $title = get_the_title(); } echo $title; */?></h1></div> </div> </div> <?php /* $banner_image = get_field(‘banner_image’); if (!$banner_image) { $banner_image = ‘/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/inner_banner.jpg’; } */?> <div style=”background:url(<?php /*echo $banner_image; */?>) center center/cover no-repeat; display: block” class=”banner-image-div”> <img src=”<?php /*echo $banner_image; */?>” alt=”” width=”100%” height=”227″ style=”opacity: 0;”> </div>–>Pure Storage has released a solid new product, which positions them well for further growth.

July 2015

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