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Enterprise Architecture Services Melbourne and Sydney

The team at Diaxion specialise in IT strategies to address individual business objectives, integrating your goals an IT solution that is optimised to ensure they are wholly achievable. Our team of enterprise and infrastructure architects work with your company to make sure your IT systems are both efficient and functional.

How our enterprise architects can help:

As we move into the technological age, IT performance is becoming increasingly critical across all aspects of business. One of the clear challenges facing IT executives is to make sure that all company systems are fully aligned to business strategies and vision. It is vitally important to take advantage of relevant and available technologies to ensure competitive advantage.

Diaxion enterprise architects work with these executives to help them make the best decisions regarding their computer systems. We guide businesses through the challenges facing them in the technological age, aligning their current strategy to their full business potential.

We can proudly claim a broad industry knowledge and years of experience across all major infrastructures. Our independent advice and IT solutions have been trusted by countless clients across a number of industries: they have proven to be the best practice and have spawned profitable results across the board.

Our team of enterprise architects offer a range of services to assist businesses in such matters:


The vCIO program is a residency-based engagement that provides the client with a skilled resource positioned on-site, on either a permanent or a part-time basis. Your Diaxion representative will manage the daily operation of our services, and execute the changes agreed upon after extensive discussion and planning.

IT Strategy

A broad and holistic view is required in order to align your business objectives with current IT capabilities and potential delivery. We begin with the question of: ‘what do you want to achieve’, and work with the answers provided in your response to this simple question. Such a process allows our enterprise architects to identify opportunities within and throughout the business, to ensure continued efficiency, business value and growth.

Business Continuity

A vital aspect for the integrity of every business. It is crucial that you have a continuity plan in place in the case of an IT failure or a broader business issue: our team of infrastructure architects will help you identify and prioritise your business and IT activities into a comprehensive continuity program. Let us help you ensure all of your business critical functions can survive all manner of disaster: together, we’ll plan, design and implement a plan that is right for your business.

IT Governance and Optimisation

We’ll work with you to establish a series of robust and thorough governance processes, structures and mechanisms, to ensure that the right people are receiving the right information within the right time frames. After all, governance must ensure transparent decision making and a relevant accountability chain. Diaxion enterprise architecture services will help your company assess and remediate your governance practices from IT operation, project development through to capacity / performance management, technology and service governance. Diaxion matches the current company maturity to assess and identify remediation / progress roadmap in process, procedures, personnel and organisational structure.

IT Optimisation

Any business owner wants to enhance IT capability and effectiveness, whilst controlling IT costs. Our optimization services help our clients to develop an effective Operating Model (optimise their IT systems), Cost Model (to financially organise the process of optimisation) and finally, an Operation Review of their current operating model. Throughout this process, many clients undertake an IT audit/review, in order to assess the alignment of their IT strategy with the overall business strategy of the company.

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Our team of infrastructure architects in Melbourne and Sydney can proudly claim expertise in future technologies and IT direction, and will workshop with you develop the efficiency of your IT strategy. Call on our enterprise architecture services: we’ll align our special expertise with your business needs, to configure your goals with the best technological solutions.