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Technology Business Consulting

Address the following

IT Business Value Management

Demonstrate business value from IT. Show how investments map to business needs. Run IT as a business.

IT Cost Breakdown

Understand what makes up your costs. Provide showback or chargeback to business units. Identify high cost areas to target. Compare utilisation and other factors to cost of service.

Cloud Cost Management

Identify cloud costs across multiple providers. Identify who is impacting cloud costs. Compare on premise to cloud costs.

Have The Right Conversations

Turn the discussion around from IT Costs to IT Value. Communicate cost and consumption to drive trade-off decisions.

Know The Facts

Have the data to back up your decisions. Know where the costs are coming from and formulate strategies to address.

Business Acumen For IT

Equip your IT leadership with the tools to manage their business like a business and not technology. Enable them to understand what drives costs. Change KPI’s to reflect effective business drivers not high level vagueness.

Run your IT like a business with the right information

Moving from an IT/Technology centric organisation to a services driven one is a difficult process for any organisation. The process takes time and is painful. Starting from bringing in cloud and cloud services, then going through the difficulties of shadow IT and implementing governance, understanding that hybrid IT is the current way forward and then defining and running services rather than technology. IT only gets more complex and disparate, the further the IT model evolves.

Each stage has different management challenges. When starting off with cloud (we are talking here about SaaS, PaaS and IaaS) how do you bring all the bills together so that you know how much each department and project is spending across all of ‘cloud’? When you starting implementing hybrid IT, your business will start to want the same cost and consumption information that they get from cloud suppliers for the internal consumption. Few organisations have a really good view of the internal cost of their services which are made of parts of IT ‘towers’ which has been the traditional cost model for IT e.g. storage, network, compute, end user, service desk. Once IT defines its own business services as well as brokers external service the landscape becomes more complex. Depending on the model, services need to make a ‘profit’ and/or understand the consumption profile and the value derived both to the business and IT.

Diaxion has been taking our clients on this journey for a while now at various different stages of maturity. Our view of focussing on the business value and alignment has led us to develop our Technology Business Consulting offering.

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This offering takes the maturity at which your organisation is currently and works with you to look at the steps to achieve the realistic desired maturity. We aim to give you the tools and framework in which to demonstrate the value the IT supplies to the business. We do this using the data that your organisation already has but, is currently too difficult to bring together via spreadsheets in a consistent manner.


Our trusted partnership with Apptio

To help us do this we work with our partner Apptio. Apptio provides us with the SaaS tool and the base model with which to enable you to start managing IT like a business. Apptio links us with the discipline of Technology Business Management (TBM), which is essentially a formalised approach to managing the business of IT. TBM consists of a framework, a set of metrics (KPI’s) and the TBM system which is the software, data and model needed to automate the processes and analytics to manage your technology business.

We can start with a proof of value that takes a piece of your IT, IaaS cloud consumption or storage for example, and extracts information and insights from the data. From there a typical approach is to tackle IT cost transparency or IT planning and budgeting depending on the business need and direction. If the focus is more on the infrastructure and operational costs then cost transparency is the way to go. If the organisation is undergoing a significant transformation, then IT planning and budgeting may be more beneficial.


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